Ted Kwan

Ted Kwan, CFA
Chairman, Fullness Christian Social Enterprise Ltd.
President, Hong Kong Social Innovation Institute
Founder, Hong Kong Investment Training Institute Ltd.

Ted is the Chairman of Fullness Christian Social Enterprise Ltd., aiming to provide vocational training for youth-at-risk in Hong Kong, which received the Outstanding SE Award 2011 from the Hong Kong Government. He is also a Director of Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) and the President of Hong Kong Social Innovation Institute, a subsidiary of FSES, aiming to promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

He is a CFA charterholder since 2001, served in the Continuing Education Committee of Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts and received the Decennary Service Award in 2011. His interests include social impact measurement, business valuation and equity analysis.

He is a regular speaker on Social Impact Measurement and co-author the book “Comparing the Key Performance Indicators of the Social Enterprise Sectors”.