Natalia El Menhall

Natalia is a founding partner and consultant at Beyond Reform & Development (BRD), a regional mission-drivenconsulting firm specializing in policy research, public management and capacity development to promote a responsive, inclusive and participatory culture within public institutions and civil society in Lebanon and the Arab World.

She specializes in social entrepreneurship, organizational development and capacity building for SMEs, public institutions and civil society organizations. She is a senior consultant in a number of projects ranging from the development of curricula, the delivery of courses, the design of entrepreneurship policies, the mapping and development of ecosystems and the creation of adequate and innovative tools for the sector’s growth across the region. Natalia worked on programs in Tunisia and in Yemen providing training for professors, students in leading universities on social entrepreneurship and innovation. In Lebanon, Natalia also developed mechanisms for local governments to play an active role in local innovation through citizen engagement.