AHN Jae Woong

The Rev. AHN Jae Woong is the Chair of the Board of Directors at the Dasomi Foundation (2007~), and Presiding Chair of the Korea’s Network for Social Enterprise (2014~), and also Chair of the Board of Trustees at the National Council of YMCAs of Korea (2016~).

He is a former Executive Director of the Work Together Foundation and also Executive Director of the Christian Institute for the Study of Justice and Development, and the President of the National Council of YMCAs of Korea.

He served as the Regional Secretary for the Asia Pacific Region of the World Student Christian Federation as well as the General Secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia. Both offices are based in Hong Kong.

He is the founder of the Asian Migrant Center in Hong Kong, and also the founder of the Korean Campaign to Ban Landmines. He was a Visiting Professor of Theology in the United Graduate School of Theology at Hoseo University.

He graduated from Soongsil University (B.A) in Seoul, as well as the Divinity School at Harvard University (M. Div) in the United States.