Ling-Hsiang Huang

Ling-Hsiang (Sunny) Huang, the vice CEO of the Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development, has devoted herself for women’s welfare and policies for over 18 years. The Foundation has been looking after women’s social issue over the years.

After the disastrous Typhoon Morakot in 2009, the Foundation has continued with its concern for the living conditions of the indigenous women. And the Foundation finally established the Yuan - Taiwan Indigenous Women Style brand in 2011 after numerous communications and some accompanying times.

Besides its meaning of female ancestors, the word Yuan, she hope, will be transformed into the power of rebirth. She hope to bring economic confidence, autonomy and self-sufficiency for the local women, because she believe that “by holding a woman’s hand, we can support a whole indigenous family”. She aspire for these women to stride towards a brand new path in their lives.