25-27 September 2016
Hong Kong

SEWF 2016 Day 3 Program

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Sept 27, 2016
(Venue: CH)
Keynote Session 3
The Impact of Social Mission in Developing a Consumer Market

Facilitator: Ms. Sania Yau
Speakers: Ms. Kathy Shein
Mr. David Brookes
Dr. Kee Chi Hing
10:30am-11:15am Coffee Break
(Venue: CH)
Plenary Discussion 5
First Nations Groups Working with Social Enterprises

Facilitator: Mr. David LePage
Speakers: Mr. Anake Goodall
Ms. Huang Ling Hsiang
Mr. David Eddy
12:30pm-2:15pm Lunch
(Venue: CH)
Plenary Discussion 6
Social Enterprise Ecosystems - Role and Mission of Government

Facilitator: Mr. David Brookes
Speakers: Ms. Florence Hui
Ms. Jo Goodhew
Prof. Jim Jae Gu
Mr. Stefan Panhuijsen
Mr. Ian Mitchell
(Venue: S423-424)
Parallel Workshop 19
Social Finance for Social Enterprises

Facilitator: Mr. Raf Alfred Manji
Speakers: Ms. Annie Chen
Ms. Ethel Côté
Mr. Roger Moors
(Venue: S425)
Parallel Workshop 20
Accelerator Programs for Social Enterprise Growth

Facilitator: Mr. Houghton Wan
Speakers: Mr. Ehon Chan
Mr. Warren Ang
Ms. Anne MacDonald
(Venue: S426)
Parallel Workshop 21
Tips for Promoting Social Enterprise and Making a Global Impact

Facilitator: Mr. Nick Temple
Speakers: Ms. Peng Yanni
Ms. Sarah Rees
(Venue: S427)
Parallel Workshop 22
Technology Led Social Enterprises - Finding Innovative Tech Solution to Social Problem

Facilitator: Mr. Jimmy Chiu
Speakers: Mr. Srin Madipalli
Ms. Vivien Maidebron
Mr. Richard Clifford
3:15pm-4:00pm Coffee Break
(Venue: CH)
Plenary Discussion 7
Growing Social Enterprise in Emerging Markets

Facilitator: Mr. Tristan Ace
Speakers: Ms. Amma Lartey
Ms. Natalia Menhall
Dr. Dinesh Awasthi
Dr. Shehryar Khan
(Venue: S423- 424)
Plenary Discussion 8
Young Social Entrepreneur: Inspiring New Markets

Facilitator: Mr. Jim Shorr
Speakers: Mr. Kit Wong
Ms. Eva Wong
Mr. Herbert Wu
Anna Fiscale
Closing Ceremony
5:00pm Program Ends
Remarks: The above programs are subject to change without prior notice.


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