25-27 September 2016
Hong Kong

SEWF 2016 Day 2 Program

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Sept 26, 2016
Keynote Session 2
Commercializing Social Enterprises:
Business Models, Best Practice and Success Stories

Facilitator: Dr. Alice Yuk
Speakers: Ms. Irene Leung
Michael Curtin
Jack Sim
10:30am-11:15am Coffee Break
Plenary Discussion 1
Creating a generation of social enterprises consumers

Facilitator: Ms. Josephine Lee
Speakers: Mr. Ehon Chan
Mr. Nick Temple
Mr. Ben Gleisner
Parallel Workshop 1
Accessing Social Investment – Understanding investment readiness and funding for growth?

Facilitator: Ms. Elena Casolari
Speakers: Ms. Mohini Bhatia
Mr. Francis Ngai
Mr. Roger Moors
Parallel Workshop 2
Social Impact Measurements on the Development of Social Enterprises

Facilitator: Ms. Lani Evans
Speakers: Mr. Hussein, Ibrahim Mamma
Mr. Jeremy Nicholls
Mr. Ted Kwan
(Venue: S425)
Parallel Workshop 3
Incubation of Social Enterprise Practitioners

Facilitator: Ms. Pauline Graham
Speakers: Mrs. Tonya Surman
Mr. Raymond Chu
Ms. Ding Li
(Venue: S426)
Parallel Workshop 4
Successful & Innovative Social Enterprise Models (Part 1)

Facilitator: Mr. Cliff Colquhon
Speakers: Mr. Mom Luang Dispanadda Diskul
Ms. Doris Leung
Mr. Richard Clifford
(Venue: S427)
Parallel Workshop 5
Sustainable Practice and New Business Development

Facilitator: Mr. Andy Ng
Speakers: Ms. Karen Yu
Ms. Michelle Sharp
Mr. Liu Haijun
(Venue: S428)
Parallel Workshop 6
Scaling Up Social Enterprises

Facilitator: Mr. Chung Wai Shing
Speakers: Ms. Fanny Ong
Ms. Eriko Yamaguchi
Mr. Danny den Hartog
12:30pm-2:15pm Lunch
(Venue: T1)
Plenary Discussion 2
New Markets for Social Enterprises: From CSR Programs to Buy Social

Facilitator: Dr. Kee Chi Hing
Speakers: Ms. Claire Dove
Mr. Richard Collier Keywood
Mr. Cheung Leong
(Venue: S421)
Parallel Workshop 7
Risk Management Strategy for Social Enterprises

Facilitator: Mr. Raf Alfred Manji
Speakers: Mr. Timothy Ma
Ms. Jacqui Roberts
(Venue: S423-424)
Parallel Workshop 8
Promoting and Raising Awareness of Social Enterprise

Facilitator: Mr. Jason Pemberton
Speakers: Mr. Tim West
Ms. Sunny Lin
(Venue: S425)
Parallel Workshop 9
Social Enterprise Solutions and Opportunities around Elderly Care

Facilitator: Mr. Patrick Cheung
Speakers: Mr. Diao Wen
Ms. Hsin –Ling Tsai
(Venue: S426)
Parallel Workshop 10
Is there a Need for Certification of Social Enterprise

Facilitator: Ms. Paula Woodman
Speakers: Ms. Josephine Lee
Rev. Ahn Jae Woong
Mr. Li Yunguan
Mr. Mark Daniels
(Venue: S427)
Parallel Workshop 11
Successful & Innovative Social Enterprise Models (Part 2)

Facilitator: Mr. Alax Hannant
Speakers: Mr. Thomas Wong
Ms. Seng Nu Pan
Mr. Jack Sim
(Venue: S428)
Parallel Workshop 12
Youth SE – Success Stories

Facilitator: Mr. Jim Shorr
Speakers: Ms. Ophellia Sin
Ms. Anna Fiscale
Mr.Ryan Gersava
3:15pm-4:00am Coffee Break
(Venue: CH)
Plenary Discussion 3
The Rise of Social Procurement - Changing Business & Public Sector Culture

Facilitator: Mr. David LePage
Speakers: Ms. Pauling Graham
Mr. Mark Daniels
(Venue: T1)
Plenary Discussion 4
Gender Equality and Social Enterprise - a Strength of Our Movement?

Facilitator: Mr. Jimmy Chiiu
Speakers: Ms. Ethel Côté
Ms. Yvonne Yeung
(Venue: S421)
Parallel Workshop 13
Parent Organization Issues - Looking at SE Spin Out Subsidiaries and Relationships

Facilitator: Mr. Timothy Ma
Speakers: Dr. Teresa Chu
Mr. David Eddy
(Venue: S423-424)
Parallel Workshop 14
SE Development in the Food & Beverage Industry

Facilitator: Ms. Anthea Lee
Speakers: Mr. Jimmy Pham
Ms. Florence Chan
Mr. Dick Lim
(Venue: S425)
Parallel Workshop 15
Social Enterprise - Engaging and Developing Talents of Young People

Facilitator: Mr. Jim Shorr
Speakers: Mr. Kelvin Cheung
Ms. Cecile Cavoizy
Dr. Rachel Wright
Ms. Samira Zuberi Himika
(Venue: S426)
Parallel Workshop 16
The Challenges of Social & Commercial Partnership

Facilitator: Mr. David Adair
Speakers: Mr. David Brookes
Dr. Tracy Ng
Ms. Eriko Yamaguchi
(Venue: S427)
Parallel Workshop 17
Social Enterprises Education in School for Future Changemakers

Facilitator: Ms. Claire Dove
Speakers: Ms. Leslie Chan
Mr. Neil McLean
Ms. Joyce, Feng Yen
(Venue: S428)
Parallel Workshop 18
Social Enterprise Characteristics & Global Data

Facilitator: Dr. Kee Chi Hing
Speakers: Dr. Mairi Mackay
Dr. Chan Kam Tong
Ms. Kila Englebrook
Ms. Astrid Zweynert
7:00pm Gala Dinner
Remarks: The above programs are subject to change without prior notice.


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