25-27 September 2016
Hong Kong

SEWF Hong Kong 2016

Social Enterprise World Forum Hong Kong is hosted by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises, in collaboration with Home Affairs Bureau.

SEWF visits a new city each year and has been held in Edinburgh, Melbourne, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Rio di Janiero, Calgary, Seoul and Milan. This is the first time the event will be held in Hong Kong.

We look forward to bringing eminent speakers from Hong Kong, locally and internationally from Asia, Europe, US, Australasia, etc to share their expertise with over 1,000 delegates, through keynote presentations, plenary discussions, practical workshops, study visits and interactive dialogues.

Social Enterprise World Forum 2016 will contribute to enhancing delegates’ knowledge and skills, building a supportive public policy environment and creating a network of collaboration and sharing

The key theme this year is “New Frontiers, New Markets.” Speakers and delegates will look into issues on the following themes:

  • Social enterprise is reshaping the economy : Local, National & Global Perspectives
    Looking at the potential of the social enterprise model to reshape and rebalance economies, this theme will examine the potential to create more inclusive economies, highlighting the benefits to society when services are delivered by social enterprises. There will be a focus on both rural and urban economies as social enterprise can make a distinct contribution to addressing these challenges.

  • Social enterprise – The path to creating a social value marketplace
    Hong Kong is noted for its market oriented social enterprises and a legacy of positive engagement with the commercial sector. This theme will explore commercialization experiences and new market development drawing from local and international experience. The emergence of "sustainable supply chain" as an alternative to traditional CSR approaches will be explored and discussed.

  • The competitive value advantage of social enterprise
    This theme will examine gender equality in social enterprise, highlighting the potential for social enterprises to attract top talent due to the emphasis on workplaces that embrace equality, diversity and participation. The theme will examine areas including gender equality, first nation social enterprise models and the role of faith-based social enterprises in tackling social issues.

  • Building the social enterprise ecosystem
    Where and why are social enterprise ecosystems created? What has the early experience been? Does government involvement have an accelerative effect and what are the components of a well-balanced ecosystem?

    Session with Government, perhaps a panel with a mix of ecosystem approaches, a mix of the best examples of government engagement and sector leadership worldwide

  • The new frontier: Changing the language and values of “Business”
    Combining financial sustainability with social and environmental objectives is perhaps the biggest challenge for social enterprise. This theme will look at practitioner experiences, challenges and transferrable solutions.



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