Ms. Ong Man Chi, Fanny, MBA, BSW, RSW

Council Member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited

Superintendent of Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Ms. Ong Man Chi, Fanny is the founding member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited (HKGCSE). She has been actively participating in community services all these years. Presently she is also the founding member of the Social Innovation Charity Ltd, committee member of the Programme Development of the SHINE Skills Training Centre of VTC as well as the committee member of the Disciplinary Committee Panel of the Social Work Registration Board.

Ms Ong has been working in the rehabilitation filed with different rehabilitation agencies for more than twenty years with a mission to promote equal opportunities, social inclusion, acceptance and full participation of the people with disabilities in the community. To enhance and to promote social inclusion and self-reliance, she devotes herself in the vocational rehabilitation service as well as setting up quite a number of social enterprises to provide training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The social enterprises, under her leadership, are well recognized by the SE sector and the community. Presently, she is the superintendent of Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Ms Ong obtained her double degree in Social Work and Sociology in USA in 1991. She also got the MBA degree from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012.