Mr. Chung Wai Shing

Honorary Secretary of Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited (HKGCSE)

Chief Executive Officer of MentalCare Connect Co. Ltd.

Mr. Chung is the Hon. Secretary of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprise Limited (HKGCSE). He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the MentalCare Connect Co Ltd, and the Founding Member of Social Innovation Charity Limited.

Mr. Chung has joined the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong since 1994 and found the first integrated retail shop in the Social Services Building under the Association in 1998. Since then, a number of convenience stores and rehabilitation shops have been developed under Mr. Chung’s leadership. Accompanied with the rapid expansion of business, the retail services brand –‘Cheers Gallery’ has been successfully built up and became popular in the network of the Hospital Authority. In 2002, Mr. Chung was appointed as the Executive Director of the Association’s subsidiary, the MentalCare Connect Co Ltd. He led the professional team which formed by a group of members with commercial background to develop 25 social enterprise projects from the range of cleansing, retail, marketing service, publication, catering, co-op shop to e-commerce. In early 2012, Mr. Chung was seconded to MentalCare Connect Co Ltd. as the Managing Director and spent all his effort on leading and developing of the Company. MentalCare Connect Co Ltd. is now one of the most successful social enterprises, obtaining numerous recognition and awards in the sector. In 2014/15, the annual turnover reached a record of over HK$102 million and this new record was proudly generated by 160 employees which 70% are ex-mentally ill persons.

Mr. Chung is a Registered Social Worker. He holds both of the Master Degree of Social Work and Business Administration.