Mr. Jimmy CHIU, Lap-Kee

Council Member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited (HKGCSE)

Chief Executive Officer, Charm Net Ltd

Mr. Jimmy Chiu is the council member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited (HKGCSE). Jimmy is the Founding Chair & CEO of Charm Net Ltd whose mission is to advocate and promote social innovation and cross sector collaboration in the mainland and Hong Kong. Jimmy is a very active person with great zest for serving the community. In public service, Jimmy is the member of Community Investment & Inclusion Fund, Labour and Welfare Bureau, HKSAR; the NTW Cluster Clinical Research & Ethnic Committee, Hospital Authority; the Midwives Council of Hong Kong Preliminary Investigation Committee, and the Public Affairs Forum, Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR and Member of Hong Kong Institute of Directors. Jimmy is also the member of the Organizing Committee of Social Enterprise Summit, Director of the Fullness Social Enterprises Society and the Hon. Advisor of Hong Kong Association for Parents with Physical Disabilities. Jimmy believes that each of us has the potential to develop himself but also to contribute to the well-being of others and the world.

He actively involves in rendering training and coaching in social enterprise development and social service management. He also takes advisory role in different agencies in the mainland such as Shunde Social Innovation Centre, Zhongshan Social Work Alliance, GuangDoing YouRan Cultural Communication LTD and Zhongshan Chi Hang Social Charity Association.

Jimmy has been suffering from poliomyelitis since he was a little child. With such background, he dedicated himself to the well-being of the needy. He started his career as a social worker and transformed to a social entrepreneur. Before establishing his own business, Jimmy was the Chief Executive of Stewards Ltd which is a Christian NGO with 700 staffs providing social welfare, education, health care services and social enterprise for the Hong Kong community. Besides, he also served in the HKSAR Government, City University of Hong Kong and Education For Good CIC. From time to time, Jimmy would be invited to be the speaker on different conference or forum on the topic of social innovation such as the 2014 Social Business Day in Bangladesh by Professor Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Price Winner and Social Enterprise World Forum in 2015 in Italy.

Jimmy obtained BA in Social Policy and MA in Social Work in UK. He was then awarded MA in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution and Juries Doctor. His particular interests are the corporate governance in NGO, ESG devel-opment, legal framework for social enterprise and Hong Kong Basic Law.